October 13, 2012

Interview: Sue Harrison

One of the things that struck me about Sue's novels set in prehistoric Alaska was the voice. Here she explains how she achieved it. Intimidating, but fascinating!
October 6, 2012

My Sister the Moon

Book review and analysis of writing technique. I never thought I'd enjoy a novel set in pre-historic Alaska; this book is proof positive that good storytelling succeeds in any setting.
September 29, 2012

Interview: Barbara Kyle

Author Barbara Kyle talks about upcoming books, the craft of writing and her busy life. Just hearing about her schedule makes me feel like a sedentary writing wimp.
September 21, 2012

The Queen’s Gamble

Book review and analysis of writing technique. Fast-paced and filled with details that readers of historical novels crave, The Queen’s Gamble is set in the first year of Elizabeth I’s reign, when even her supporters doubt the young queen will survive to rule a second year.
September 15, 2012

Interview: Beverly Swerling

Beverly Swerling, author of the City of Dreams series, dishes on what it's like to have a book in the revision and production process, and what advice she wishes she had been given when she was just a new author. Lots of insights for writers.
September 9, 2012

City of Dreams

Book review and analysis of writing technique. City of Dreams by Beverly Swerling, a novel about early Manhattan and a family feud that poisons lives and loves for generations.