Media Reviews and Coverage

BookBub includes THE PORCELAIN MOON on their list of ‘Best Historical Fiction of 2023’. Click here to read.  

PopSugar has put out their list of 2023’s Best Historical Fiction Books and it includes THE PORCELAIN MOON! Check it out because you’ll also see upcoming titles by some awesome author pals. Click here to read. [Jan. 18, 2023]

CBC Radio's North by Northwest host Margaret Gallagher interviews bookseller Bev Shaw of Talewind Books. At around the 3:30 mark they talk about THE PORCELAIN MOON and my other books. Small squeeee and happy dance -- Margaret Gallagher has read THE LIBRARY OF LEGENDS! Click here for the recording. [Jan. 6, 2023]

BookTrib includes THE PORCELAIN MOON in its roundup of "Spring 2023 Novels Centering Brave Women, Veiled Pasts and the Periphery of History". Click here to read [Jan. 5, 2023]

The Bamboo Lab podcast with host Brian Bosley. This is a fairly personal interview because Brian is all about life coaching, but there is a fair of chat about the writing journey. Click here to read. [Jan 2, 2023]

Bookriot’s list of “10 New Historical Fiction Books Hitting the Shelves” includes THE PORCELAIN MOON. Click here to read. [Dec 22, 2022]

CBC Books offers a quick first look at The Porcelain Moon with a brief excerpt from the first chapter. Click here to read [Dec 13, 2022]