February 7, 2013

About Editorial Notes

After the phone call with my editor about her notes, I have way more confidence about editing. Now there’s guidance and direction, and some pretty practical ideas about how to proceed.
June 17, 2012

Notes from a Freelance Editor

I got mentally prepared to receive back pages of criticism about my manuscript. After all, Jennifer had edited novels written by far more experienced and published authors. She was not going to let me off easy, in fact it’s her job to point out anything and everything that could be an issue.
May 26, 2012

Working with a Freelance Editor

Everyone tells you that publishing is under siege and in a time of transition; but what does that mean to authors? It means you pay for your own professional editor if you want your manuscript to get serious consideration from a publisher.
May 11, 2012

Send in the McGuffins

Some thoughts on what agents want from a compelling start, and upping the ante with a well-placed MacGuffin
April 22, 2012

Before Submitting, Get a Professional Reader

Get a professional reader to review your manuscript before you submit to an agent. People who love you don't count.