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March 19, 2020
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March 19, 2020
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March 23, 2020

F or authors, one of our rewards after living a hermit-like existence of writing and talking to our pets is a celebration when our new book finally hits store shelves. We emerge, freshly showered, to re-connect with friends and readers, eager to introduce our new book baby to you. The Library of Legends is scheduled for release on April 28 and I had the celebration all planned. Dragon dancers. A live performance from Silk Road Music. Wine. Dim sum buffet catered by Floata Seafood Restaurant (because I was raised to feed people if they’re kind enough to show up when you invite them). OK, maybe not dragon dancers.


N eedless to say, none of that is happening now.

I'm not in the mood for a celebration. Our local independent small businesses are suffering as people go out less and shop less. People with low incomes are in danger of not making rent if their employers cut hours or shut down. The homeless can’t self-isolate. They need more from the charities that help them.

So I’m re-allocating those dim sum dollars. They’ll be spent on gift coupons to benefit some of our independent bookstores and on donations to a charity that provides solutions to homelessness. If you live in British Columbia, this promo is for you.

Even if you'e not interested, please consider what you can do to support your local independent small businesses and charities as we all work to flatten the curve. Cash flow is the life blood of small business. If you can’t shop or pick up goods in person at a local store, buy stuff online or over the phone and have it shipped or ask them to hold for you until you can pick up. Many stores are able to arrange pick-up times even if they reduce their hours or change to phone and online sales only. Or order some gift cards that can be delivered via email or Canada Post.

Participating Bookstores

Vancouver Lower Mainland: Main Street Book Warehouse
Victoria and Vancouver Island: Munro’s Books

Here's the Deal

The Library of Legends will be released in Canada on April 28. Pre-order or purchase by May 5 and:

(1) Instead of dim sum: receive a $5 gift coupon to spend on your next purchase with the store. Support your local independent bookstore! And may I suggest spending that $5 toward books by another Canadian author?

(2) Instead of wine: your purchase generates a donation to Lookout Housing and Health Society, a charity that provides solutions for homelessness. More low-income people/families are going to need rent subsidy assistance in the days ahead.


How to Order from Participating Stores

Main Street Book Warehouse Vancouver

4118 Main Street, Vancouver  

The store is taking all book orders via email.
$5.00 flat-rate shipping within the Lower Mainland

Munro's Books Victoria

1108 Government Street, Victoria 

Tel: 250-382-2464 or toll free: 888-243-2464
$5.00 flat-rate shipping anywhere in BC

NOTE: If you don’t have an account with the store, you may be asked to create one if you are pre-ordering online. That’s only for pre-orders before April 28.


  1. Sarah Nantel says:

    Ordered from Main Street, and looking forward to it!! All the best and thanks for thinking of our local independent book sellers.

  2. E R Brown says:

    Ordered! Great idea in these times… looking forward to reading the new book. Congrats. – Eric

  3. Valerie Hofer says:

    Hi Janie, it’s Valerie, Simon’s sister. I just ordered online. I introduced my husband to your work and he finished your two books back to back a couple of days ago. We both look forward to “Library of Legends”.
    Thank you!

  4. Karen Anderson says:

    Thanks Janie…fab idea. I will be ordering a couple of books, at least. Thinking of a few friends who could use some good reading material while they self-isolate at home…

  5. PS. I just ordered two. My sister is a big fan of yours.

  6. Congratulations Janie.

    This is a brilliant initiative, setting the gold standard for innovative and collaborative book marketing. I love the colours of the book cover, now I can’t wait to read it. Looking forward to the big day. All good wishes.

  7. karry says:

    Congratulations on Book #3!

    Janie this is a wonderful way to launch your book. The donation to Lookout Housing and Health Society is needed especially at this time. Your support of small local business is close to my heart and I will be ordering more than one book.

    Thank you for bringing so much thought to your book launch.

    Looking forward to getting my copy of The Library of Legends.


  8. Roberta Rich says:

    How inventive you are, Janie. I’ll be placing an order.
    Elbow Bumps,

    • Janie Chang says:

      Just had to do something to recalibrate, Roberta. Thank you! And please check your email.

  9. Todd Wong says:

    Okay Janie – your wish is my command… Maybe we can plan some other events later in the year… and I can bring my Chinese Lion costume… and Chinese parade Dragon …

  10. Jay Bancroft says:

    A superb idea Janie! Wendy and I will definitely order a book. Good luck with the campaign and keep safe.

  11. Carol Tulpar says:

    Bless your heart for this inventive response to the challenge.

    Small world. I know Qiu Xia He! She was briefly in my ESL class at VCC a very long time ago. Years later, I heard her and Andre — Jou Tou at a small folksong club on West 10th — it doubled in the day time as Celtic Woolens, a sweater store. And I think you had this couple play at a previous launch. Their music is lovely.

    I will pass the message on to those who may be unaware, and I’ll definitely be getting a book.

    Sending you love in the time of COVID.

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